Football at home or night out?

– Come on, let’s watch the game tonight and we’ll go out tomorrow. I promise. – We never go out!! I think you don’t like me anymore! – Please, do you know how painful it is to me to miss a game? From 0 to 10 I would say between 0 and 4. – Yeah!…

How much do you pay for your insurance?

Have you ever heard about Game Theory? Do you know anything about how people make decisions? Should you know, you’ll likely understand a bit how insurance companies price their products. Let me introduce you briefly how it works (the following explanation is highly simplified but to begin with, easy to understand).

One word: CEO

Before introducing today’s topic, let me ask you something. Take 30 seconds to write down tech companies that, from your point of view, have been great in the past but are not doing so well these days. Ready? Is Apple on your list?

A great start!

I cannot imagine a better way to start this blog but writing about how I understand an initial career should be. Last week I watched a very interesting video on Youtube: What if money didn’t matter? Many thoughts came into my mind. Am I doing what I really want? The answer was clear: Sort of…