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Dario Moreno

I am a Spanish professional who has been recently accepted in a remarkable master focused on International Trade. Furthermore, I hold a Double Degree in Business and Law and I have also worked for a famous Law Firm for some time.



In fact, it was working for that Law Firm when I realized I was looking for something different, more dynamic. I decided then to completely change my perspective and applied for a scholarship to enter into this master. International Trade has always been something I really liked, but since then it has become my biggest interest. The more I know, the more I want to learn about it.

My other passion in life is politics. One of the main ways we have to change the world but also one of the main problems we have in many countries. I have taken part in it and I learnt many things from that world, specially the need to be critical but constructive.

Besides, I love to travel and meeting new people, things that really fit with International Trade. Just in case you are interested in my career or experience, I want to invite you to visit my LinkedIn Profile, where I have more information about me. Thanks for your attention!

Marija Agić


Marija Agić

I am a curious and analytical person who enjoys a good challenge. After graduation from Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FESB) in Split, Croatia, I started my carrier as a software developer. I wanted to get closer to the end user perspective and found that the work as a business analyst included using all my natural and learned skills. Fortunately enough I managed to get a job which made this possible.

I am currently working as a business analyst for 2e Systems from our offices in Zagreb, Croatia. Due to everyday challenges of communication between business departments and development teams I spend a significant amount of time in meetings and presentations. The majority of my time is spent on creating all kinds of documents to represent different information and purpose: from business development, user requirements to testing reports.

If you meet me in person you would discover I laugh a lot! Sometimes I draw. I love to dance. I’m playful and try not to take things to seriously (which does not stop me from being a professional at the same time).

Feeling inspired to chat about something? Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn!

Pablo Genovard Carpio

Pablo Genovard Carpio

Hi! My name is Pablo and I studied Telecommunications Engineering in Valencia.

Since I was a young student, I always had big interest in foreign markets and how the things work in different countries. After studying German, my curiosity brought me to Berlin where I could work as a research engineer for the Fraunhofer Institute. After some experiences, I am currently working for Porsche AG, in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. I have to say, that’s a real “german-experience”. Working for such a big company grows my interest in Business and Management. It is fascinating how the experienced managers simply make things work. My objective in the future is just that: to make things work in a big company by directly working with customers and colleagues.

Besides my professional profile, I love to travel. I am also passionate about gastronomy, and I think it is the best way to know a country, the people and their culture. On my leisure time, I usually travel to the Mediterranean Sea to stay with family and friends enjoying one of the places I better know.

I am quite active in Linkedin, so feel free to take a look to my profile and contact me.


David González

I am an aeronautical engineer with a strong background on management science and operations research. I am passionate about business intelligence, marketing, economics and technology.

David González

David González

I am currently working as a revenue manager for a European low-cost airline (the urban tale is true: book your tickets in advance!). Moreover, I am finishing my PhD in management science at UPC-BarcelonaTech, where I teach different subjects related to operational research and business. I also collaborate with the marketing department of IESE Business School as a research assistant.

Practical and applicable research is one of my main interests: just take those big ideas downstairs and put them into practice in the real field! I really appreciate the mixture between lateral and vertical thinking, challenging established ideas with new approaches.

Apart from all this, I love to exchange ideas and meeting new people! I do love travelling and all kinds of sports, specially basketball, boxing and snowboarding. I am also a vocational shower-singer and a passionate reader.

Feel free to get in touch with me to share your ideas and experiences!


Lluis Canet

I am a Data Scientist and Technology Entrepreneur, specialized in Machine Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision. My goal is to spread the word about state-of-the-art technologies and take them from research to the industry. I have had success applying the technologies mentioned before to a variety of industries including Ad Tech, Search Engines, Industrial Automation and Medical Imaging.

Lluis Canet

Lluis Canet

I have been a key member of two technology startups that went successfully through an acquisition, so I am willing to provide not only an insight into new technologies but also into the startup community and what it means to be an entrepreneur, specially in the USA, where I currently live.

I am currently leading a Data Science team in an Ad Exchange company, where we are using Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to extract meaningful data from the millions of transactions that go thorough our systems every day.

Apart from all this, I am a musician and outdoors enthusiast. I love everything that has to do with outdoor activities: hiking, surfing, rock climbing, biking… I also play the saxophone and I am currently learning how to play the guitar. I am passionate about traveling, I strongly believe that traveling is one of the few things that cost money and makes you richer.

Looking forward to share my thoughts and experiences with you!

Social Media

Susana García

Susana GarcíaPassionate for both travel and Social Media I would say I am lucky to have found my dream job. I’m currently doing PR for the travel industry at trivago Spain in the wonderful island of Mallorca. With an international degree in Media Communications acquired within Spain, the US and Australia, I recently finished my Masters in Digital Journalism and Social Media Management, thanks to which I made my dream come true by living on what I most enjoy: leisure and communication.

I’m a passionate traveller and communicator. Active in every social (media) sense of live and eager to share and learn from what we all have to tell the world. I would like to take the chance to use this blog space to share my personal views and thoughts on such a global topic as social media and the evolving state of communication, especially at such an important point of its life cycle.

Coffee addict. Food lover. Photography and art fan. Passionate for watersports and adventure. The riskier the merrier. But overall team spirit supporter. I hope we can learn from one another and keep in touch on twitter @Xaxuna.


Andrea Ottina

Andrea Ottina

Andrea Ottina

I am a young professional specialising in banking and microfinance in transition or developing economies. Originally from Italy, my entire career has been across Australia, Japan, Liberia, Zambia, and now in Tanzania. My education is a mixed background between business administration, management, and political sciences, with a specific focus in public policy and security.

I am passionate about Africa in general, geopolitics, central banking institutions and development related issues. I currently work in Dar Es Salaam as a consultant for a bank operating in microfinance, specifically dealing with mobile banking as well as banking operations.

Apart from my academic and professional interests, I used to be a weak but strongly motivated waterpolo player for about ten years of my life, and I have been a fervent surfer for many years as well, currently enjoying the waves along the coast of East Africa.

Feel free to get in touch with me to exchange ideas or to share travel and professional experiences. Karibu! (= you are welcome in Kiswahili).


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