Antonio González


Antonio Gonzalez 2I am a Spanish Telecommunications Engineer (studies within Spain, Sweden and Australia) with experience both in research industry and multinational companies such as Fraunhofer Institute, HP or Amadeus. Besides, I have a Master in Project Management from one of the 25 business schools in the world accredited by PMI, and am currently studying a diploma in management at London School of Economics. Nowadays, I also work as a SCRUM Business Analyst for Zitro Games.

Since I started university I have been reading business articles and developed a profound interest on topics related to business administration, management and entrepreneurship. After several years of engineering experience, that interest has become so strong that I couldn’t just be quiet.

Apart from that, I am a – not very good – waterpolo player who enjoys travelling. People usually define me as a great communicator and an excellent team worker. I guess they are just being polite.

LinkedinSo as to finish my presentation I invite you to visit my LinkedIn profile to have a better understanding of my education and experience if you feel curious. Do not hesitate to join my professional network if you wish.


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