Scrum of Scrums

If Scrum is supposed to be a good framework for teams of 5 to 9 people, what happens when we work in a big project that requires several teams? Can we still use Scrum?

Of course. However, you may need to divide the whole group of people into smaller teams that can work under Scrum as expected and also to use some techniques appropriate for this situation, such as ‘Scrum of Scrums’. Scrum of Scrums consists of a daily Scrum but with ambassadors from every team – that may be designated along their own daily scrum. These ambassadors could be technical developers, Scrum Masters or even Managers.

During these ‘meetings’, ambassadors from every team explain what they have done, next steps and their impediments. It is a good opportunity to discuss about common features that need interaction between different teams (for example, front-end and back-end). Furthermore, there could be a specific backlog designated only for these matters.

‘Scrum of scrums’ do not need to be held everyday, only if necessary, and their purpose is to coordinate different teams, not competing against each other to see who has accomplished the most.

So have you ever been in one of those? Share your experiences here!

Antonio González

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