What’s right with SCRUM?

Last week I wrote about disadvantages of using scrum, but what are the advantages?

  • Continuous delivery: Time-to-market is critical in business, specially in start-ups. Scrum, as an agile framework, provides deliverables after finishing any sprint, so you may have a real product in the market every month. Then, it is the perfect opportunity to refine it according to customer needs without waiting until the product is completed.
  • Feedback and transparency: One of the most unknown ceremonies of scrum are ‘Sprint reviews’ which are oriented to provide feedback both to the team and the rest of the stakeholders. A review consists of two main parts:
    1. Product demo: The Product Owner (usually with the development team) explains the product implemented during the last sprint to the rest of the stakeholders (business department, clients, etc.). After this ‘meeting’, everyone should know and understand what has been done during the past few weeks.
    2. Sprint retrospectives: This ceremony is led by the Scrum Master and its purpose is to get information about how the sprint went. For instance, questions like: what worked? What didn’t? What adjustments can we make now? are often asked.
  • Improving process: Related to the previous one, thanks to retrospectives we can improve how Scrum works on our environment. Answers regarding what worked well during the last sprint and what to do better are clear indicators to follow in order to improve our experience.
  • Socializing at work: Scrum needs cooperation and team-work so as to run properly. Thus, it requires interaction between team members. This interaction improves team building and there you have it, socializing. I don’t need to explain why socializing is good not only for the company but also for you 🙂
Obviously, there are plenty of advantages but I just wanted to state the four I considered to be the most relevant. Feel free to share your opinion here.
Antonio González
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