What’s wrong with SCRUM?

I am a big fan of Scrum, but I know it is not perfect. Let me tell you a few negative considerations I have on this agile framework:

  • Scope creep: When a project is not defined completely, it’s unlikely you’ll cover all your goals, both in scope, budget and time. Besides, Scrum gives the impression to be an always open process, therefore, product management may desire more and more functionalities. This will obviously cause delays and wrong implementations.
  • Human resources: Scrum is a framework which encourages team work and cooperation. If someone leaves the team, there is a big risk that you’ll end up losing a lot of information and cohesion between the group as well.
  • Small: Seven people, that’s the number. Scrum works best in small groups but it’s tough to create minigroups when you work in a big company. Besides, if your project is ambitious and requires a big amount of money, Scrum may not be the perfect framework for you as iterations may inccur unexpected expenses.
  • Maturity: A Scrum team is self-managed. Therefore, team members need to be mature enough to accept responsibilities, to admit changes along the implementation and to possess the skills to do the work properly.

Do you agree? Feel free to share your thoughts here.

Antonio González 

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