Sports and work: Perfect match

AntonioGlez_WaterpoloWater polo, the sport I have played almost half of my life, has taught me some skills that could be perfectly applied to the corporate world. I believe these attributes can make anyone a better professional:

  • Effort: You are crazy if you think you will succeed just by desire. You need to practice, learn, persevere, never surrender, fail and come back. Sometimes, you will need also a bit of luck and time to reach your goal. However, the most important ingredient you may have to succeed is: training hard.
  • Creativity: If you always do the same trick, you won’t get very far. Think different!
  • Patience: Results will take time to appear but success is worth the wait. Besides, you will play with people from different backgrounds and experience so patience ought to be your religion. You may teach young players but also learn from the most experienced.
  • Team playing: Nobody wins a game on its own. Effective and constructive communication is mandatory as well as active listening. Furthermore, cooperation with others is highly important and don’t forget to show your commitment to the team and the game.

Those are the skills that anyone can get from practicing any sport but there may be much more benefits. Think of your own and share them here!

Antonio González


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