Top 4 video-related apps for Android I got to love this summer

September has come right in as an inevitable reminder of the end of this summer 2013, but there’s no better way to freshen up this unwarming sensation as welcoming this Autumn with the coolest selection of my favourite summer video apps. So here’s goes my review on 4 different video based apps I have used to capture, share and entertain myself with this season.

1. Instagram videos

instagram videos screenshot

instagram videos screenshot

As an instagram fan, I couldn’t start with a better choice than its freshly released video feature. Since last July, Instagram, one of the most popular retro photo apps enabled a video feature to its popular video filtered based app. So now users can decide whether they want to share a classic retro picture or an oldie looking 15 sec video for their friends and followers to see.

This feature allows you to upload up to 15 seconds of video using the any of the 13 filters built specifically for videos. You may shoot your art from different angles since by letting the record button go as you film. Then when posting your summer memories video you may select your favorite frame as your cover image so your video will look just like a regular picture when it is not playing. Videos show up  just as any other photo except for the little camera, play or pause icon at the top right corner of the image, just hit it and watch!

Regarding privacy and rights, people who you let see your photos will be able to see your videos. And as with photos, you still own your videos.

2. Vine

Vyclone screenshotAlthough Vine, the twitter-owned microvideo service, has been out for longer than Instagram videos, it only came out recently for Android last June, a month before it’s retro competitor. The Vine for Android app allows users to create a standard six-second video with sound and looping playback, Its most loyal users certainly have a taste for arts and crafts when it comes to video-making, so don’t be surprised to bump into the coolest stop motion looking short 6-sec videos!

As you move along the livestream, videos play in a loop unless you stop them . You may use the “Explore” button to discover popular Vine videos, and you may follow any Viner openly to enjoy people’s art or find friends from by linking you twitter It also includes the capability to use the front-facing camera. For those interested in finding out more about this video app here’s a link to it top best vine’s of the month.

3. Vyclone

SeriesDroid ScreenshotVyclone is a collaborative video app based on the social media concept of friends and sharing that enables users to “co-create, sync and share movies” on real time. It is also a very powerful tool for citizen journalism that is becoming more and more popular. The way it works is really simple: you find yourself in something you’r like the world to see, you and your friends shoot it with your phones and upload your clip to Vyclone’s servers. Both your friends and other users can add their own shots into the mix, then this app does the rest for you by synchronizing and editing everyone’s clips together to create one single crowdsourced movie with all the angles cut together.

Regarding content, this is an open content app so all people can access and edit your movies too and will will take info of where you shoot your movie. However you may decide which of your own content you want to publish as “public” and which one’s you’d prefer to keep to yourself and friends by tagging them as “private“.

4. SeriesDroid

SeriesDroid Screenshot

SeriesDroid Screenshot

Last but not least, this video-based app has saved my summer from boredom when my laptop finally decided to pass away right before travelling this summer. Imagine a 12-hour-delay at an airport with no entertainment device on. Well this is no problem since we all travel hand to hand with out cell phones.

SeriesDroid Android is an application designed to navigate through web pages containing most popular television series without having to navigate through any web browser adn therefore accessing the content much faster playing all native videos with no need of Adobe Flash. It currently only supports content from 2 websites and then choose your favourite server from which to stream the content. It also allows you to favourite shows and will take you straight away to the last episode you played so you can continue watching you favourite shows non-stop at a great speed wheter you use your 3G or wifi. Great to entertain yourself in long airport delays when travellling on your holidays.

As far as I’m concerned this app is only available in Spanish but content is also available in its native language. Hwever for those who prefer their apps in English you may read about some other top rated streaming video apps in English on Cnet reviews.

I hope you enjoyed my personal selection for Android video fans and users. I encourage you all to suggest your favourite entertainments apps for this summer and even for the upcoming holidays.

Susana García

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