Are you a job hopper?

Be sure. They will label you no matter what you show on your CV. In my case, recruiters will see my profile and define me as a job hopper, but I’m not. I’ve changed jobs for several reasons but it doesn’t mean I will keep doing this in the future. People use to think that we need to get a job and stay there forever. If we don’t, it’s because we are not loyal (you know, companies are always loyal to their employees and all that) or we just don’t know what we want. And this is partially right but also partially wrong. Obviously.

There is also something that – sort of – annoys me. It’s when recruiters believe they can understand a person just by going through his or her resume. Seriously?

jobhopperOn the contrary, if you’ve been too long in the same position, they will tell you you’re not ambitious or don’t like to be challenged. However, there could be so many reasons (your company is not growing, you’ve rather spend time with your family than doing free extra hours, etc). They cannot judge you just by looking at your resume. Nevertheless, they will. I’m sorry about that.

So what do I want to get from this? That no matter what you do – either job hopping or staying forever in your position – they will label you. Even if you stay unemployed for a long time, they’ll think you’re lazy and don’t like responsibilities. But, don’t worry, because good managers will try to understand why. And they will ask you. There are no good or bad reasons, just different perspectives. Don’t be afraid.

Let me tell you just one more thing. This is 2013. Traditional jobs are gone, now it’s time of uncertainty. And in these times, even jobs turn unexpectedly. You can start several times your dream job and after a few months, hate it. Perhaps your company is moving to China and you’ve to decide whether bringing your family there or not, maybe all your friends in the company are being fired, etc. Trust me, job hopping is not as unusual as it was 20 years ago.

So my advice is: Forget your CV. Enjoy what you do, have fun at work and be proud of your life. If something is not worth it, change it. Then, you will have answers to any question they ask you.  And if they don’t even ask you any, you’ll be happy enough to just don’t care.

Antonio González

 “Never leave a job, go for a better opportunity.”


2 thoughts on “Are you a job hopper?

  1. It’s true! Although there can be extremes. Someone who repeatedly is 6 months in a role before getting bored and moving on is different from someone that hits their ceiling and doesn’t allow their employer to continue to use them without presenting new opportunities. As geographical and information barriers have been broken down, employees have so many more opportunities available to them.

    If you aren’t happy or challenged move on, someone will give you what you need.

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