Newsletter August 2013

august2013Did you miss any of our articles during August? Here you will find not only our articles but also how they did. Check out which post did better.

1.) SMART CITY (I): A business opportunity – August 2nd

smartcityBy Dario Moreno55 visits in 29 days.

First of a series of articles about Smart cities. This introductory post explains the meaning of the term “Smart city” and how it represents a new opportunity to improve both quality of life and progress. Don’t miss it!

2.) What to do on vacation – August 7th

closedBy Antonio González29 visits in 24 days.

Now holidays are almost gone, but when this post was written, they were just starting. This post suggests a few things to do during vacation which can help us to improve our professional life, even being out of work! Enjoy!

3.) Hi! Who just joined? – August 18th

TeleconferenceBy Marija Agić 48 visits in 13 days.

First article from an occasional contributor. A post about teleconferencing, a new way to communicate business throughout the world. Globalisation forces business to be spread all around the world and in order to keep profitable, teams in different locations need to be in constant contact. Read the article to learnmore about this technology and how to act when attending an online meeting.

4.) Business in Engineering – Germany – August 20th

GermanyAward!By Pablo Genovard159 visits in 11 days.

Pablo works for Porsche in Germany and he wanted to contribute to our blog by writing about job market in this fast-growing company, home of engineering. If you are looking for better opportunities, read this post. You won’t regret it!

5.) SMART CITY (II): Philosophy change – August 22nd

smartcityBy Dario Moreno. 20 visits in 7 days.

This time we deepen our understanding on the topic of Smart cities. Now, we study how cities should change their philosophy to become “smart”. If you want to read some examples of smart cities’ technologies and better understand its impact, don’t miss this article!

OPEN BUSINESS MIC – August 2013 newsletter.


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