What to do on vacation

August is usually time for holidays. Even in Open Business Mic it seems we are out of office, but we are working on the background trying to improve the design of our blog. That’s why we are so quiet 😀

So, are you enjoying your holidays? Let us suggest you some hints to improve your time on vacation:

  • travelTravel: The best and most obvious way to disconnect from your regular life. Whether you are working or studying, travelling is one of the most relaxing activities you can do. Besides, it has never been so cheap. Low-cost airlines dominate the current market and due to the global crisis, you will find many suitable offers for your expectations.
  • Check the job market: Internships often start after September in order to match the usual academic year. It would be a good idea to start checking the job market and apply for several interesting positions. If you are an experienced profile, it’s likely that you are too busy along the year even to check for a new position. I don’t mean you should look for a new job, but it’s good thinking to compare your current position with others together with salary and conditions.
  • Networking: During holidays, socialize. Vacation is the perfect time to do so. People are more than willing to meet new people or go back to where they left it before starting to work.
  • help othersHelp others: Helping others will make you feel better. It’s not necessary to go on volunteering, you can also call a friend to see how he or she is doing, cook for your family or even smile at strangers. If you do so, it will take your worries off from your mind.
  • Learn new skills: You can broaden your skills not only through online courses (check out this website: www.coursera.org ) but also through people. It’s true that you are on holidays so it’d be tough to improve your hard skills – nobody wants to stay in front of a computer after office hours – but you can easily work on your soft skills. If you need to get team-work skills, practice activities surrounded by people. If you want to become a better leader, start a new activity and make people follow you. Simple and easy.

There are many things to do during holidays but there is for sure only one you must do: Don’t be bored! Enjoy!

Antonio González
Out of office until August 19th. 

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