Newsletter July 2013

July2013Did you miss any of our articles during July? Here you will find not only our articles but also how they did. Check out which post did better.

1.) Can nonverbal communication change who we are? – July 3rd

Nonverbal communicationBy Dario Moreno65 visits in 27 days.

Explanatory article about how nonverbal communication can influence how we behave or act. The article provides some insights on the Mehrabian formula and a very interesting talk on TED by Amy Cuddy. Must see!

2.) Agile Innovation Principles – July 8th

Scrum circleAward!By Lluis Canet. 217 visits in 22 days.

Embracing Agile in your company or learning what it means? This post is right for you. A great introduction to Agile Principles, suitable for both beginners and experts. Highly recommended.

3.) The imminent death of paper CV’s. – July 11th

Social Media

By Susana García. 74 visits in 19 days.

If you are looking for a job, you came to the right place. Susana provides some tips and useful information about social media related to job search. This article is perfect if you don’t know how to behave on social media. Just be yourself.

4.) Why is it hard for women to get ahead in the workplace. – July 16th

Women in the workplaceBy Antonio González. 40 visits in 14 days.

Do you wonder what glass ceiling means? This article explains some reasons why it’s a hard task for women to climb in the corporate ladder. Furthermore, it provides three insightful tips to avoid making discriminatory policies in an organization.

5.) Pricing strategies (II): Phantom Decoys. – July 21st

Phantom decoyBy David González. 41 visits in 7 days.

David writes a series of articles concerning pricing strategies. In his first post, he introduced the term ‘decoy effect’. In this post, he shows how companies can use phantom decoys to guide customer’s choices in order to get the most profitable option for them. Don’t miss it!

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