No trees were harmed in the writing of this post

Or that’s what they said.

According to Meteo, the French weather channel, Spain braces for ‘coldest summer in 200 years’, so does Europe. I don’t know if you are aware of this fact, but it is indeed a big deal. I’m sorry but you probably won’t have those wonderful holidays in Ibiza, what a pitty! But let’s be serious, this is just a small piece of cake.

Climate change is a significant issue which is increasingly affecting our quality of life and, I’ll take the risk to speak up and say it despite you will accuse me to be very pessimistic: it is quickly leading us to our end.  We really need to do something.

Climate change

Climate change

As young professionals speaking about business and environment, there are two main strategies that we can follow:

1. Build companies and start ups whose mission is oriented to be eco-friendly and solve the climate change.

2. Encourage other employees to recycle and be ecological.

For the first strategy and from my point of view, companies can be built based on three approaches:

Electric car

Electric car

  • Prevent: For example, an electric car. It won’t solve what we already have but at least it will contribute not to have more pollution.
  • Cure: For instance, develop tools that enable us to destroy waste in a harmless way or implement chemical processes to stop ozone depletion.
  • Encourage: Companies can also make money by encouraging people to be ecological.

The second strategy is the easiest one but we do not pay the sufficient attention to it. At home, we all try to recycle and be ecological. When it comes to work, we do not need to stop this attitude. Here you have some suggestions to put into practice at work:

–       Avoid printing: Obvious one. I don’t mean not printing at all, but please, be organized. I am sure you have printed several reports twice because you didn’t find your first copy. You could have avoided the second copy just by distributing your files and documents in the proper folders.

–       Switch off when you leave: Do you leave your place with your TV on? Then, why do you do so with your office’s computer? If you had a busy day and have many opened documents in your screen: save everything, do a list to reopen them the next day and switch off your pc.



–       Recycle: By working in the printing sector for HP, you realize how many tons of paper companies waste. It would be great to have a printer that removes ink and is able to print several times on the same paper, but it seems that high quality cannot be achieved. So while being investigated, recycle!

–       Use public transport or share: Obviously, if you have the chance to go by public transport, go for it! If it takes you more than you can stand or there are no good connections to get to work, share your car with your colleagues. Carpooling is a powerful way to fight the climate change.

Unfortunately, even if we try all the above mentioned strategies and techniques we won’t probably save the world as we have already gone too far. But it’s ok if we can slow down the process a bit, don’t you think? If so, which ‘best green practices’ would you add?

Antonio Gonzalez
Please consider the environment before printing this post.

2 thoughts on “No trees were harmed in the writing of this post

  1. Electric cars are not the solution unless accompanied by a wider development of renewable energy and smart grids – which would allow to accommodate both electric cars and renewable energy in a way that current grids are not able to. Running your electric car on electricity generated from coal will certainly NOT help to prevent climate change or pollution issues.

    • Thank you for your comment, very insightful and interesting.

      I do agree with you, electric cars are not THE solution. My point was to support one eco-friendly strategy when building a company or start up. I believe there is no one-solution for this issue. Electric cars will help prevent climate change but not in isolation as you mention; the need for the development of smart grids and a full network of renewable energy is clear. Perhaps, I gave a too general example to support my ‘prevention’ approach, but I never meant it was the only one or simply that.

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